Sitting in a Ghanaian cafe recently in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, marveling at the sheer variety of food available in New York City, an idea was born:  why not try to find cuisine from every country in the world, without leaving the city limits.  Certainly there must be people living here from every country in the world!  We chocked this crazy notion up to the large Star beers we were enjoying, and forgot all about it.  Then a few days later, the vision surfaced again, and seemed compelling even when we were sober.  So we decided to go for it.

The goal of this journey is to find cuisines from every United Nations member state, within New York City limits, in alphabetical order.  We realize that there are a few flaws to this logic, and will make every attempt to handle these wisely when we reach a questionable issue.  For instance, cuisines are not defined by the UN.  There are regional specialties, there are countries not internationally recognized, there are border disputes, and new countries are being formed all the time.  Thus, we will at times rely on the extended Wikipedia list of countries, which includes territories and areas of soverignty.

We will also explore regional specialties as much as possible.  For instance, when we reach China on our list, we will visit Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan Chinatowns, and sample dishes from various regions of China offered in these areas.

The alphabetical strategy allows the journey to be systematic.  We can’t just eat all the foods we like first, and we won’t be able to save the toughest ones for the end.  Some countries will certainly prove problematic.  Andorra?  Aren’t there only 5 people in the whole country?  Maybe we’ll have to attempt to cook Andorran food at home.

This blog will serve as documentation of the adventure, in which we will do our best to describe not only the food we eat, but also things we learn about its nation of origin, culture, and the immigrant communities here in New York City.  We hope this will be much more than a food blog.

Oh, and we are three people.  We’ve all been fortunate to travel a good bit ourselves.  We’ve lived in Asia and Europe.  One of us has been to six continents.  When visiting a new place, our favorite thing is to eat, eat and eat more.  We can’t wait to try the delights hiding in the forgotten corners of this city.

We invite anyone and everyone to make suggestions as to places we might go, offer insight and criticism, and if you are in town, join us!  Fulfilling this goal will take a few years at least, and we hope to learn loads about our city, the people who live in it, and the world at large.

Happy wandering.

World Map of Meat Imports

World Map of Meat Imports (


10 Responses to “About Us”

  1. sfv2008 Says:

    So glad you are doing this, Kara. Reading first couple posts made me feel a little less out of touch here in the significantly less diverse state of Iowa. Good luck.

  2. Dirk Says:

    Love the idea!!! I want to come!! Nice writing as well, very much in the style of a review. and it made me hungry….Good ambiance details and fine eye for the offbeat

    Can’t wait for Algeria!

    All the best on this adventure


  3. confinednomad Says:

    Algeria will be this weekend in Astoria, where, apparently, the lamb couscous is only served on Fridays and Sundays. Date and time to be confirmed soon.

  4. ron hurst Says:

    Great idea Kara! I love to try small local restaurants that have been around a while when visiting new cities. New York is espicially tough to find them because it’s so BIG! Good Luck! Love to all, Nancy & Ronnie.

  5. Paula Felix-Didier Says:

    Hey guys,
    It was about time you finally shared your extensive, extremely cool and enormously savant knowledge about all things gourmet in New York. It almost makes me regret having moved out of the Big Apple.
    Un gran idea!


  6. Ryan C. Young Says:

    Kara, I like the site. That’s a really great idea.

  7. Doris Reiter Says:


    Kara, your grandparents would love this!! This would be a great book too.

    A creative and fun undertaking!!

    Love, Aunt Doris

  8. Mat Says:

    Brilliant idea!!

  9. Marianne Says:

    Hi James, It looks like you are off to a great start. You were kidding about the pork,…. right. I especially like all the cultural factoids as well as the idea about getting the personal stories of the restaurant staff and owners. PEACE, Mom

  10. Janet Newburg Says:

    Hi, Kara and Dave! Hope you had a great holiday! I like this idea. When I was a youth, my church had a program where every Sunday (or Saturday, depending on the religion) for eight weeks we attended services of other demoninations and faiths. It was such an eye-opening experience, I have never forgotten the lesson I learned — we are not alone, and we are very diverse in our beliefs, our customs, our cuisines. Even though I have not traveled as extensively as you and your friends (I think my recent trip to
    San Fran with CC was as far as I’ve gone) the experience of other religions made me more worldly and my world view less myopic. I too think your experiences would make a wonderful book and I really think you should document every gastronomic foray with the Book of the Month club in mind. Much love!!

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